Forced Exposure: issue #15, Summer 1989

[cover image courtesy of the great Public Collectors.]

BASTRO: Rode Hard and Put Up Wet EP (HOMESTEAD)

…it’s not too sumpin’ to figure out where a guy like David Grubbs would get the idea for a growly, shouty drumbox combo.  This does have a whale more aggro than I’d expected though, and the “heralding” is quite nice.  But beyond that lies a large nothing. – Byron


…some peers have peeped that these hemorrhage heavers don’t know how to write a tune.  And while many of the selections here may bear out the fact that the Hyenas choose to focus on a nontraditional mix of form & content, a track like “Lullaby & Goodnight” is as dynamic-packed and tunoid as any of Alice-Cooper’s-Detroit-era material.  Listen to the Buxtony guitar piping around the edges of yr brain and explain to me how it’s lacking – I don’t get it.  Now I do get what’s “wrong” with the volcanic gusts of not-easily-differentiated grist these cheeseheads toss up like so many half-et turkeys – it’s duhm (as is the pseudo-jass riff-vampery they pull off).  I can understand why you might not wanna kiss Mr. Brannon (all that sand and hair in his mouth, yuck,) but nobody’s asking you too.  Just blow him, ‘kay? – Byron [Coley]


….the advance word on these clowns (the other half of Green River that was stupid enough to not wanna be in Mudhoney) was that they “ate complete shit” in a lightweight Aerosmith shuckster manner.  “They” weren’t kidding.  – Jimmy [Johnson]


…in the words of one famous Purple Wager, “Well, I can’t pronounce shibboleth, but I can say shit!” – Jimmy

JOHNNY WINTER: Birds Can’t Row Boats (RELIX)

…a great mix of various pre-Columbia recordings by Texas album blues king.  Coolest stuff is the mid 60s garage shit (like “Avocado Green”) but there’s great National Steelwork too and all sortsa other fine-sounding gunk.  Fuck Roy Buchanan. Fast. -Byron

NIRVANA: Love Buzz/Big Cheese (Sub Pop)

…little to no derogatory comment has been uttered from my mouth about the total Sub Pop output, but this 7″ gives me the feeling that something has gone amiss.  The production squeaks like loafers on a polished floor and if I want sub-Sabbath riffs, I want them buried in fuckin’ mud not prancing around in a goddamn tutu.  – Sean McDonnell


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