GET BENT! • Guest Mix: Trouble In Mind Records’ My Dads A Hells Angel (a.k.a. Soft Sounds For Tough People)

GET BENT! • Guest Mix: Trouble In Mind Records’ My Dads A Hells Angel (a.k.a. Soft Sounds For Tough People).

Trouble In Mind Records is Bill and Lisa Roe of CoCoComa. They aim to “prove that the 2 1/2 minute pop song is alive and well,” and they sure deliver. Trouble in Mind is responsible for putting out work by GET BENT favorites — Apache Dropout, Ty Segall, Wax Museums, and White Wires to name a few. Download their guest mix here, and check out our other guest mixes here

Somehow we can’t shake the “garagepunk” label. When we started to concoct our next musical project after CoCoComa, we thought long & hard about what it was we ACTUALLY listened to & were influenced by on a more visceral level & (for better or for worse) it was bands like Left Banke, Millennium, Lemon Pipers & other assorted soft-psych & bubblegum stuff. If you step back and look at most of the records our label has released, you will notice a similar thread; a pop element regardless of the larger genre an artist may fit into, much like the ones on this mix. On the surface alot of these songs may seem cheezy, but when listened to closely, one can discover some really awesome tunes & unique sounds! (Also we can’t get enough horns and harpsichord as you can probably see.) Or maybe we’re just gettin’ soft – who knows?  
Can I Carry Your Balloon – The Swampseeds
Last Record Store Day Numero had a pop up store with a record fair inside. One guy literally went through every single 45 in about 8 long boxes because he was so excited that a girl wanted to talk to him about bubblegum. This is one of the gems he pulled for me. – Lisa

Flood Lamp Eyes – The Resonars
This is one of those songs that hits me right away. I get all goofy & start playing air drums & stuff. Unbelievable Hollies/Move harmonies, Keith Moon-style drumming & guitar heroics all done by one guy in his basement in Tucson. Matt Rendon is some kinda pop genius. We’re nothing short of honored to be putting a record out by him. -Bill

Why Do You Keep Me Waiting – Bread
We were in Memphis a couple of years ago record shopping at Shangri-La. This song is the B-side to Bread’s soft-rock super-hit “Make It With You”, but the shop’s descrition said that this song here was a “Nazz-style” rocker… we were intrigued. Sho-nuff – could be mistaken for a Rundgren hit! -Bill

The Beat Song – Creme Soda
Got hipped to this weird private-press record by Creme Soda called “Trick Zingers” by my pal Jeremy. It’s a hot mess of Fugs weirdness & strange soft-rockisms. Ok – the record is sort of all over the place, but in a totally infectious & unbelievable way. This is one of the, um – weirder moments. -Bill

L’abandon – Jean Le Fennec
Such a cool spacey song. I love the percussion and the xylophone or whatever the hell it is along with the different elements that come in and out like fuzz and strings. – Lisa

Drummer of your Mind – United Travel Service
Currently OBSESSED with this band’s output. Another never-ran band from the late-Sixties whose ambition & ideas were far more sophisticated than their recording budget (or musical skills) may be a’la The Index, Yellow Balloon & others. This is an amazing tune with a seriously addictive melody. The drums on this rule!

Magical Musical Box – Del Shannon
who’da thunk that Del Shannon – Mr. Run-Run-Runaway himself would concoct some of the most gorgeous psychedelic music of the late-Sixties? This one is one of the more maudlin songs on his masterpiece “Further Adventures Of Charles Westover”. Totally sounds like Odyssey & Oracle era Zombies. AMAZING. -Bill

Desiree – The Left Banke
This song is the epitome of what make The Left Banke the undisputed “kings of baroque pop” It’s got strings and crazy arrangements along with insane vocal harmonies. I love songs with 8 million parts that clock in around 2 1/2 minutes. – Lisa

Talk About It – Harumi
This song rules and the phased drums are what totally put it over the top. This record is great and we listened to it a lot during the blizzard last winter and I’ll always remember it for that. – Lisa

Lady Friend – The Byrds
Say what you will about David Crosby (I happen to think he’s somewhat of a genius) but this song is 100% awesome.  All the best elements of the Byrds; great chimey guitars, vocals and lyrics. – Lisa

Oh! Those Sweet Bananas – Hackamore Brick
Our pal Andrew loves this tune & so do I – total Lou Reed/VU influenced banger! -Bill

Olga Selzer – Bernard Chabert
Discovered this song on a comp we have & return to it often – that guitar tone is bananas! T-Rex meets Jacques Dutronc! -Bill

Somebody Made For Me – Emitt Rhodes
HOOKS galore in this tune & one of my faves from his s/t debut! Bittersweet melodies that transition into the most addictive choruses this side of Badfinger! Super intricate & amazing production all done in his garage at home. Seriously! -Bill

Can I Stay With You? – Nick Garrie
Totally fey & twinkle-ding-dong British psych that really hits my sweet spot. Dude made this one album in ‘68 & dropped out! The Nick Drake comparisons are unavoidable, but why avoid them anyways? -Bill

Living Without You – Harry Nilsson – I’m not usually one for “sap” and maybe this is better described as “bittersweet.” It’s a Randy Newman song that is just plain and simple beautiful. Just a total dude, a piano, and his amazing voice.  – Lisa

-Bill & Lisa Roe


One Response to “GET BENT! • Guest Mix: Trouble In Mind Records’ My Dads A Hells Angel (a.k.a. Soft Sounds For Tough People)”

  1. TAD Says:

    The only 1 of these I know is Left Banke’s “Desiree,” which is a gorgeous, cluttered, muddy, overproduced masterpiece that shoulda sold millions. But then they had several songs that shoulda sold millions (track down “She May Call You Up Tonight” or “I’ve Got Something on My Mind”), & it musta been hard 2 get all those sounds in “Desiree” (strings, horns, group vocals, harpsichord) to come outta a car radio & NOT sound like mud back in ’67…. Don’t know Nilsson’s version of “Living Without You,” but the version by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is pretty great … & I’ll havta put on the Bread B-side, which I actually have in the house! Thanx 4 the tip!

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