STILL SINGLE – FORCED EXPOSURE: Signif Alb Reviews of Then and Now

STILL SINGLE – Liquor Store – “Free Pizza” b/w “Trash Sandwich (Parts 2 & 3)” 7” (Almost Ready).

As of press-time New Jersey’s Liquor Store boasts six guitarists (at least five of whom definitely can not be heard on these two songs) and a front man who looks like he should be working at one of those chop shops outside of Shea Stadium in 1986. Stoopid with a capital “O,” the Store is a non-stop fire sale/boner party for those of us who felt “Surfin’ Bird” was a little too deep. I know “trash” gets thrown around these parts regularly as a descriptor, but man, Oscar the Grouch meet your new favorite band.

Forced Exposure issue #17 MEATMEN: Crippled Children Suck LP (Touch & Go)

…it would be safe to say that the material on this LP (a reprise of the band’s second Ep + a variety of live seepage n’ outage) was a primary influence in the instigation of this magazine. Tesco Vee, through his fan-dad “literary” efforts in Touch & Go (the zine) and love-papa stage mania w/the Meatment, was the only living noise-hound whack-artist/wiseguy back in the oh-so-fuckin’-serious days of hardcore’s natal development and infancy.  Songs like “Blow Me Jah,” “Tooling for Anus” and the legendary “TSOL Are Sissies” (finally available for yr at-home perusal) display an attitude that is an eternal turd-smelling flame burning deep in the heart of Forced Exposure. If you catch a whiff of it once in a while, we’ve done our job. If not, fuck you.

– Byron (Coley)


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