Lps and 7″s spoken here

As discussed previously, I’ve gone after a buncha obscuro hard rock and psych, lately.  Results have been either frustrating, expensive or cool, but reasonable people have argued that I should add less rare and more obvious hard rock albs, which I might find for less than $20, so I’ve enjoyed doing so.  In addition I have scoured old Forced Exposures for bands I might find in used bins, adding some mid-late 80s content to all the 60-70s.  Bearing in mind that I always come home with something or other completely irrelevant to the stated mission. Here’s what’s turned up so far:

  1. Humble Pie, Rock On
  2. Slovenly, Thinking of Empire (SST)
  3. Flamin’ Groovies Now
  4. Radio Birdman, Radios Appear
  5. Bloodrock, Bloodrock
  6. Bloodrock, Bloodrock 2
  7. Bloodrock, Bloodrock 3
  8. Jimmie Spheeris, The Dragon is Dancing
  9. Jimmie Spheeris, Isle of View
  10. Kiss, Hotter than Hell (Japanese Pressing)
  11. Lime Spiders, Volatile
  12. Mott the Hoople, Mott
  13. Slade, Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet
  14. Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies (in the cardboard box)
  15. Mad River, s/t
  16. Henson Cargill, Skip a Rope
  17. Tony Joe White, s/t
  18. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band,Sweet Nothing
  19. Aerosmith, Get Your Wings
  20. ZZ Top,Tejas
  21. Crow, Best of Crow
  22. The Litter, $100 Fine
  23. Girls Against Boys 7″, Bulletproof Cupid b/w Sharkmeat
  24. Balls! Balls! 7″ ep: Pitchblende “Windshield Kiss” b/w Eggs “Song With Contemporary Influences”
  25. SF Seals 7″, “Still?” b/w “Don’t Underestimate Me”
  26. Easy Action 7″, “She Ain’t My Girlfriend” b/w “Elo Kiddies”
  27. Cynics 7″, Buick Mackane
  28. Cynics 7″, I Want it All

2 Responses to “Lps and 7″s spoken here”

  1. TAD Says:

    Lex: MOTT has some really great stuff on it (“Honaloochee Boogie,” “All the Way From Memphis,” “Violence,” etc). But Bloodrock? Really? “DOA” was more than enuf for me. At age 12 I was scarred for life by it….

  2. lexdexter Says:

    I’m doing okay with Bloodrock so far, but it’s not the best of the obscuro. Sir Lord Baltimore’s Kingdom Come, High Tide’s Sea Shanties, Moontan by Golden Earring (!?!?!), Gun’s Gunsight, Armageddon’s s/t and Dark’s Dark Round the Edges are all hitting hard. As hard as the first 4 ZZ Top records that I’ve scored, as well as Humble Pie’s Rock On and the classic Alice Cooper stuff? I’m not entirely sure. But I haven’t laid out any serious coin for any of these yet, so nobody’s getting hurt. Thanks as always for checking in. Your opinion on these and other matters is always appreciated.

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