The Filthy 50

Remember this plea of mine from when I was talking non-2000s rock?

More obscure stuff. There are very good record stores here for lesser-known hard rock.  I’ve found stuff like Captain Beyond, Sir Lord Baltimore and May Blitz here, but cannot remember anymore names of those sorts of bands that top experts’ lists.  Was it Andrew who posted that list, a while back? [edit – Here’s Andrew’s take, which references Scott Seward’s list. Anybody wanna vote up or down, crap or not crap, on these recommendations?

I’ve dispensed the list to various trusted sources and consulted Andrew’s reviews again.  I’ve also taken up the search in earnest, selling back $100 of indie rock that I like but am fine to have on mp3/cd instead of wax.  I walked A-Z of the best used record store in Ann Arbor, one of the top 5 I’ve ever known, and came up only with maybe the most off-putting/least interesting entry on the list:

Y’all, what am I doing here? I actually like Leslie West’s guitar playing, and things start off with a couple of rockers that are tasty enough, but holy cripes! By the end of side 1, which is as far as I’ve made it, there’s already one ballad too many (1). This was only $6, so I’m not overly offended, but some wild shit better happen on side 2 if this is going to qualify for the Top 50 of anything besides “Top 50 randomly generated 70s guitar trio albs.”  Also, I’ve always tried to keep Jack Bruce out of my house, and had until now succeeded.

As I’ve explained this quest and confided my concerns to a variety of other record people and especially my elders, we always circle back to the sneaking suspicion that this kind of list-making is driven as much by obscurantism for its own sake as any indie rock or noisenick fucking around.  I will not spend more than $10-$12 for any of these albs: this is my line in the sand.  No 180g reissue pocket-pool until I’ve already heard something or been assured by reliable sources. Time for side 2, soon.  It better get better.

3 Responses to “The Filthy 50”

  1. lexdexter Says:

    This record is so, so unexceptional that it hurts. There are at least two Mountain records I like better, and Jack Bruce blows.

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