Lex Dexter Anthology, 2012

Those of you who know me lately know that I’m both laboring and lying dormant under adverse conditions, enough so that even a cheeky blog post or two can turn tough days into half-victories. Because I love the people who read this blog, because I need them and I want their attention, I’ve compiled this “anthology” of the best of a blogging bender I’ve tossed off like apple seeds over Organizing Grievances, the Prisonship and Boatzone3.  Comment if you dare and you’ll find it’s not unlike conversing.





  • Amidst the contraception debate, a consideration of the mandated condom use recently stirring up the Cali porn industry seemed like a good idea.  This one’s as close as I get to a certain writer-thing I’m trying to pull off. Let me know what you think?
  • Is now the time for fair trade porn? Let’s talk about something else, and about fair trade porn, says me.
  • Kate Carraway, Girl News: “Girls and work” and my unsolicited response.
  • Kate Carraway, Girl News: “Girls and girl-on-girl” takes me places. Come along.
  • Kate Carraway, “I’m soooooo bored of not having sex sometimes that…”: I swear that the blogs these pieces inspire aren’t filthy, just fanciful.  She’s my favorite writer I’ve happened upon in ages.
  • Paying the Price“: A long, early morning survey of Cynthia Nixon’s defiant anti-essentialist sexuality, Chester Brown’s autobiographical graphic novel about his time frequenting prostitutes, and the sexuality of a depressed thirtysomething man.
  • Yes, Mastur: I don’t hate masturbation, but I don’t feel like elevating self-love past the point of self-reliance.  Getting more confident with wielding my Foucault, I go after what’s repressive about pleasure and the difficulty of sexing transgression.
  • Probably my best sex work this year:  I try to weigh the ubiquity of sex and power versus death and desire.  We see through a glass darkly, some say; in this case, I see through Vice Magazine’s guides to “giving head” and “eating pussy,” respectively.

One Response to “Lex Dexter Anthology, 2012”

  1. TAD Says:

    Lex: I already read your “bestuv” & the masturbation piece, & I’m sure I’ll B reading a lot more — probly the mandatory-condom-use 1 next, cos I’m that kind of guy…. & thanx 4 “following” me.
    …& BTW, I know what it’s like 2 write yer ass off on something you think might B pretty good — & then get 1 comment — or no response at all. End up feeling like you’re talking 2 yerself…. Keep up the great work & hang in….

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