Kate Carraway: come the fuck on

She’s becoming on of my favorite writers, as I have said before, in a way that reminds me less of learning to “get” free jazz and more of finding hardcore in high school.  This piece is rather arresting:

Like, consider that I have 342 Facebook friends. If half are men, and one in four women are sexually assaulted by age whatever, it’s more than fair to say that a portion of those men have done violence to a woman. My sample is obviously way skewed toward men who are gay, or straight and cool, kind, feminist and lovely… but, everybody knows their date before they’re a date rapist. I knew mine. He was hot, rich, smart.

Anywaysies, to me, the Chris Brown stuff (and all of this is excluding the fact that one Rihanna has just released two collabos with her abuser, a.k.a. come the fuck on) has been deeply, darkly frustrating about what people seem to think is… normal. I know that being a journalist who primarily writes about other people’s feelings and secrets and desires skews my sample toward the weird, too, but, really. Chris Brown is by no measure uniquely monstery. Chris Brown just got caught.

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