I guess I’m Up the Junction

  1. Waiting and hating the clock’s ticking. There aren’t any loud clocks in this house.
  2. Sitting and listening to my tinnitus. I haven’t seen a loud concert in months.
  3. Just emailing, telephoning, grocery-ing and dishwashing. It feels like weightlifting, which is an impossible and embarrassing claim to make.
  4. It’s grandiose to think you’ve merited real enemies, and I’m due no such grandeur. But I fantasize that there are those, somewhere, who take solace from my current incapacitation. It’s a small, petty way of feeling responsible for others’ happiness. I could gag for days.

2 Responses to “I guess I’m Up the Junction”

  1. Rodney Says:

    Ha. Yeah. Enemies and Tinnitus. Unlike my period of 13-27, I now listen to music occasionally, as opposed to constantly. The great thing is, I always get to hear a thick layer of ocean no matter what! The quieter it is, the more my ears turn into giant conch shells in reverse. Fuck.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    It’s cool that you get a seashore sound. As for me, it’s more like piercing, digital squints of sequint blips. It’s like the troubled breathing of a weirdly mystical old robot-man.

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