Once and For All (for a while)

For a long time I’ve been circulating a dumb-fun question which originally came to me through my French Lit teacher from High School (who’s still an intellectual hero, but not cuz of this.) The question is, If you could have dinner with any 3 historical people, living or dead, who’d they be?

I’ve gone in all kindsa directions with answers to this insignificant-fun question, always suspicious of my very partial answers. But today, I think, I’ve got a trio.

William Friedkin

GG Allin

Leon Trotsky

I think what separates a good guest list from a bad one is attention to whether or not you think the four of you, at some kinda supper, could actually get along. [Thus I included Friedkin over Godard or Cassavettes, because I think he’d be better able to “get with” GG’s whole vibe.]

Ideally the meal would be good, but not “gourmet,” Italian — mebbe even the classic NJ pizzeria with an Italian menu, something like Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken. We’d all have appetizer slices, and GG and I could avail ourselves of some can beer, while the other fellas maybe had some wine, I dunno. Then I’d order spaghetti aglio e oglio, and we could talk about the theory and practice of violence. I am not worried about GG upending any tables or anything, cuz, recall, the real charismatic figure/dude with street cred at the table would be Trotsky.  Nonetheless, Trotsky is also a fucking hyper-intellectual, and would be able to connect, if not uncritically, with both Allin’s and Friedkin’s work. Relative to this group, of course, Friedkin would be the moralist in the bunch — but Trotsky would have no time for “good vs. evil” bullshit, and GG’s stories would probably awaken the “subculture voyeur” thing in Friedkin, and turn him away from that stuff.

Finally, I would break out a flask of Old GrandDad 100 proof – the flask I got as part of a wedding party in TN, years back – and after a coupla different kindsa “smoke breaks” outside, I bet Trotsky and Friedkin could prevail upon GG to finally fess up about his prison experience. After that Friedkin and GG would leave for some kind of adventure, and I’d ask Trotsky questions and confess my sins to him for the rest of the night.

Anybody else have a dinner party list?