overheard on twtr – Prisonship rests

I think this means that…the Prisonship is going home to port, after a long and dignified journey.

Email me if you want a link to le new web endeavor.

And stand ye forever in good stead, Prisonship. You’ve been a wonder. Heck, you’ll probably dance again one day, like a half-legendary indie band tapped for an afternoon set at a well-curated Eurofest.


Gob Iron – “Buzz & Grind”

weird, this is them tracking this song, live to tape.

all you musician-type people who’ve played in bands will join me in recognizing how quietly awesome and solid this performance is.

and weird, always, to hear jay farrar speak.

and also, weird to see anders parker laying down casual drum tracks and having short hair.

Why I Love David Pajo

In his own words:

Why am I working so hard on the worst record I’ve ever made? No label is releasing it, it’s purely a piece of art. Instead of making money I’m making something no one will ever hear or care about– purely a vanity project. Just another one of those inexplicable things you have to do if you want to live with yourself.

Horn (the Band)

Lou Barlow and Dinosaur Jr. Tour Diary

Check this and further installments for a glimpse into why, in addition to being a crazily inventive bass player, Barlow is the guy in Dinosaur you’d prolly most wanna split a soda or an afternoon with.

Superchunk/Bob Mould Drummer Jon Wurster Celebrates the Very Alive Chuck Biscuits…

Weird little media hoax, this bit about Chuck Biscuits being “dead.”

Interview: Jay Farrar on Finding Inspiration in Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur and Working With Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard Sound of the City

I still cannot bring myself to listen to this record, even though everybody everywhere says it’s the best Farrar thing in forever. In short, hearing about Farrar’s process of grafting Kerouac’s prose onto songs makes it seem like this record is even more “prosaic” than the last Son Volt alb.

By the way, is Death Cab for Cutie any good?

Week 22: Lee Hazlewood, space cowboy/peculiar guy

Great intro to a songwriter and a character everybody should know about.

Paul F. Tompkins Preps New Album, Freak Wharf, for December

Most anticipated album of 2009, for me.

Lost in Space: The story of Big Dipper ]

Read this story of a truly great, lost rock band, and get a taste of the 80s indie milieu that hasn’t made it into the revisionist canon fueled by the festival circuit/reunion circuit.

Pitchfork: R.I.P. Jerry Fuchs, Drummer for !!!, Juan Maclean, Maserati, Turing Machine

Unlike Chuck Biscuits, Fuchs’ death is no joke. So sad.

Backwards Clock Society @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles 11/8/09 – Photo – Stereogum

Cannot stay away from the Bill Corgan material. Shame on me.