acquired taste again

Leaving aside friends and loved ones, I gotta say that having over-developed taste in music is the prime armor I’ve got against stressful times and the wide/deep river of connotations that come with Fall.

Those monthly mixtapes that I sometimes post on the blog? Putting those things together, maintaining ’em, and revising ’em throughout the month is just about the closest thing to “direct action”-ish self-help that I’ve got. In addition, of course, they’re a nerdy glimpse into the mp3 slice of “Lex charts.” So what do I care if you don’t care? I’m just trying to stay alive out here.

I maintain that an obsession with truck racing might pay equal morale-dividends -and I’ll defend to the death your right to be so-obsessed or otherwise-obsessed- but for me it’s record albums that help me help myself orbit my girlfriend, my political longings, my workaday commitments and various other lighthouses. Without those monthly soundtracks (and, it must be said, my righteous headphones), I’d probably be a lot less courageous about, say, going outside, etc.

It’s a goddamned miracle, and I’ve never regretted the time or energy spent loving and overthinking the shite.


One Response to “acquired taste again”

  1. schmidt Says:

    Lex, have you checked out the record by Girls called “Album”? If so, what do you think?

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