Right Quick Horn

My girlfriend is here so I’m largely off-machine, but here’s a few things I thought I’d hip you to while she receives telephone bday wishes:

LISA LISA AND CULT LOEB – Why Bad Men Love Good Loeb – Vice Magazine

Lisa Loeb vs. Lisa Suckdog?!? The stuff of legend.

Dusted Reviews: Mission of Burma – The Sound The Speed The Light

This band is so much better than my band.

Pitchfork: Billy Corgan’s Latest Round of WTF: Doll Wrestling!

Obviously this guy is a fucking disaster, but just as obviously, I don’t seem to be able to avert my gaze. Unlike M. Jackson, I don’t think he’s a danger to anybody else — but, golly, the wrestling fixation….and the dolls?  There’s some actual, sad “lost childhood” shit here, for everybody to see.

The Dull Sound Of Sharp Math: Frank Sinatra- In The Wee Small Hours

This is my fave record review in a while, from a very good blog of otherwise rather out shit. You’d do a lot worse than to check out this album, get past your associations of Sinatra with assholes in hats, and commune with its one-of-a-kind moodiness.


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