Prisonship Poll: Who Gets Callbacks from Your Truck Company?


Check out this conversation kighl and I had on twtr. First, I said:

When Jeebus finally gives me my own truck company to run, you’re not going to be hearing Dennis Leary doing voiceovers for ’em.

Then Kighl said:

@lexdexter I imagine Bleachy* would qualify in your list of callbacks.

Think of it! Think of it, and then answer my question: which 2-4 individuals do you think would sail through an audition, earning a callback for voiceover work with YOUR truck company? (If at least 7 people respond, I will share my top 4.)

* Do you really not know about Bleachy, by now? You should be ashamed. Obviously you have not read this weblog (‘blog’) for long?


12 Responses to “Prisonship Poll: Who Gets Callbacks from Your Truck Company?”

  1. evil r + b guy Says:

    In no particular order:
    1. Warren Holt:
    2. Pat Benatar
    3. The checkout guy at the Sewanee Market (the one capable of counting your change in .25 seconds)
    4. Grape Ape

  2. kighl Says:

    1. Jimi Hendrix (think of his stage banter)
    2. Shohreh Aghdashloo
    3. Yngwie Malmsteen :30

  3. girlieflynn Says:

    1. Minnie Pearl
    2. Geoffrey Feiger

  4. schmidt Says:

    1. carol channing
    2. rod stewart
    3. glenn o’brien
    4. grady leach

  5. schmidt Says:

    adjust my list a bit:
    2. Billy (Sewanee custodian and lead singer of Billy & the Good Ol’ Boys)
    3. Mike Watt

  6. jordan Says:

    1. Rob’s dad
    2. Rob’s dad
    3. Rob’s dad
    4. Rob’s dad

  7. schmidt Says:

    1. norm macdonald
    2. raekwon

  8. Wilbur Says:

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan & the Junkyard Dog (Ted DiBiase as an alternate)

  9. Martin Says:

    Alan keyes
    gandalf and jesus (as a duo)
    kool aid man
    Michael Landon’s reanimated corpse(hair only)

  10. km Says:

    1) Ted Sadtler (w/ whom I had the pleasure of eating a burrito at our local mall yesterday. more info here:
    2) Cal Worthington
    3) Kevin Nealon
    4) Al McGuire

  11. dave3544 Says:

    Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds (duo).
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    Joe Namath

  12. kighl Says:

    Uhhh…Lex. That’s more than 7 replies. Step up.

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