Coffee Breaking Heroes and Villains: 1,1,1,1

  1. Jim O’Rourke profile in NYT. Damned if this warrior hasn’t moved on entirely from the business of being a high modernist indie/avant connaisseur! He deserves it. We all deserve, after a while, the life that comes after we’ve acquitted ourselves from a life of “taste.” (I must say, while I identify 1000% with the wry, sexy/prudish thrusts of Jim’s lyrics, I’m somehow still glad this album doesn’t have any vocals!)
  1. Public Image Ltd set to reform | UK news | The Guardian I give prospects of a PIL reunion the same leeway I give to the new Wilco alb: I’m not looking for it, but I’ll be glad to see it if serendipity’d place us somewheres such that we collided.
  1. New Neil Young Archives release with live solo Harvest Moon shit. Late-to-the-party anti-war albs, garrish boxed sets and electric car porno are not my kinda shit. But I have a wet, sopping soft spot for (the nonetheless VH1-y) Harvest Moon that goes back to the grunge comedowns and vegetarian Turkey days of my NJ adolescence. I’d start daydreaming about the vinyl, but god knows that Neil’ll be asking $69.95 for it, so…$18 compact disthk it is! [slurping sounds….]
  1. Crumbs of Affection: Pitchblende Now we’re talking. Great rock writing and great mp3-archiving of a band that suffered from ignominious canon-neglect due to their being too cool an amalgam of DC, Chapel Hill and Louisville elements for even your average converse-wearer. “The weed slam” is really something, en particulier! And “Psychic Power Control”! Killer dynamics worthy of Crain or Hal al Shedad comparisons, but way more explicit an embrace of the MX-80, Red Krayola, Henry Cow tendency in proto art-n’-punk.

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