ovrhrd on twtr — American Apparel edition


American Apparel jumps the shark (dressed in leg warmers/hot pants/tank top/shawl/Jackie O shades)

There was a lotta hand-wringing on Twtr recently from guilty Whole Foods supporters… so relatedly, lemme ask, should I stop buying t-shirts from these people? I love the damned t-shirts/hoodies, too much? Is this backdoor-porno or no-better-than-Calvin-Klein ‘fashion’ pablum?  Can I get away with posting that ad on this dude-heavy blog, or am I participating in the same, weird, looking-at-retro-chicks-while-pretending-to-do-culture-criticism as everybody else? Boooring questions. Snooze on, Lex.


2 Responses to “ovrhrd on twtr — American Apparel edition”

  1. kighl Says:


  2. gabbagabbahey Says:

    I went into their new Dublin store today, felt a moment of horror when I couldn’t see the down stairs (on the other side of the room from the up escalator) from the men’s (/unisex) floor.

    anyway, if European newsstands can have tits on them (well, French ones, not Irish), why can’t Am Appy ads? she’s just illustrating the zipper, anyway.

    (oh, and just to lower the tone a little further, I don’t think ‘backdoor-porno’ is exactly an entendre-unique)

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