Let’s Eliminate These Instruments

As the blowout in the “commons” has me twitching and writhing for our sorrowful country, I’ve found it necessary to call for the (temporary and/or permanent) liquidation of both the nylon-stringed gtr and the violin/fiddle. Any seconds? Any protestations?

Can we at least all agree that the fretless bass should be eradicated?


9 Responses to “Let’s Eliminate These Instruments”

  1. schmidt Says:

    motherfuck a fiddle

  2. kighl Says:

    I’m convinced that somewhere, somehow a fretless bass can be driven with taste. I’ve yet to hear it, but I figure if the lapsteel can sound not-retarded, certainly the “boom stick” (kill me now) can get some mileage.

  3. the bagman Says:

    oh…Jersey boy wants to get rid of the fiddle. surprise, surprise

  4. jordan Says:

    Willie Nelson should be able to issue permits for people to play the nylons.

  5. evil r + b guy Says:

    Temporary suspension on vibes.
    Thorough examination of autotune.

  6. evil r + b guy Says:


    Whoa. Is this link posted in favor of autotune or against it? Man…uh, that’s some pretty happenin’ pit action there.

  7. lexdexter Says:

    Jerry O Bame,
    Agreed on the Willie Nelson nylon permits.

  8. jordan Says:

    Lexy Dextrose,
    I like your goldens

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