Audio Halleu-Haloooose

I just mis-heard the opening couplet of Tiny Dancer (“Blue jean Baby/LA Lady”) as ‘Blue jean Baby/LA labia.‘Is my unconscious promoting a filth agenda, or am I just interested in anatomy?’ I’d be wrong to hide the fact that the recent TBSOWFMU all-star evocation of Madman Across the Water has played a roll in my recent ‘early Elton’ renaissance. ‘Think it’s time for Honky Chateau again soon.

But do I even still own a copy of Honky Chateau, anymore? My breakup/move-out saw many casualties, left many orphans, and all-in-all gave everybody diharrea, including especially the heroic and trod-upon class of persons known as mutual friends. It’s goddamned good to have friends in this world.


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