I am thirty years old now…

…so it’s not unusual for me to wake up on a rainy Saturday with all of the blinds drawn and listen to Husker Du doing “These Important Years” to kick off Warehouse.

We’re all exchanging pleasantries
No matter how we feel
And no one knows the difference
‘Cause it all seems so unreal
You’d better grab a hold of something
Simple but it’s true
If you don’t stop to smell the roses now
They might end up on you

Expectations only mean you really think you know
What’s coming next, and you don’t

Yearbooks with their autographs
From friends you might have had
These are your important years
You’d better make them last
Falling in and out of love just like…
These are your important years, your life

Of course it’s a LITTLE trite, taken without the music (and, in particular, the gtr tone)—But jesus, heartwrenching stuff when coming from a man with the gravity of a younger Mr. Mould.

So, yeah. Did I mention I drew the blinds?


2 Responses to “I am thirty years old now…”

  1. The PrisonShip Says:

    […] I am thirty years old now… […]

  2. Shawn Slattery Says:

    So, what are they arguing, that we need to make the most of our high school years because death will soon be upon us?! Please. High School sucked ass.

    I don’t know that I love being 30 necessarily, but I am happy being in the “real world”. There is a sense of freedom here, that while we tasted in college was not quite there yet. Make the most of the PRESENT and it’s all good… no matter how old you are.

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