Johnny Paycheck Slide Off Your Satin Sheets

Many thanks to Pship/OG commenter Robes for exposing me to this rare treat, vintage Johnny Paycheck material.

Am I projecting, or does he really look/stand like a guy who’d really hurt a man when set his mind to doing so?


It Haunts Me — Great Cover, tho

From Paste: Columbia Records announced today that Bob Dylan‘s Christmas compilation, Christmas In The Heart, will hit stores before Halloween even rolls around. The folk deity’s 47th album is set for an Oct. 13 release, and will include the usual holiday ditties like “Here Comes Santa Claus,” Winter Wonderland,” Little Drummer Boy” and “Must Be Santa.”


It occurs to me that I feel like a boxer staring into a mirror before le big fight..that’s what this “field” thing is like, and it’s only just begun to mine my inner membranes for long-repressed, fickle whatevers and whatever elses! Mebbe, just mebbe, things’re gonna get MORE r-rated before they clean themselved up? I don’t fucking know.

Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP LIVES! 1990-1998

Speaking of this 90s “emo” tendency…

Jeepers Creepers, Miles Box

from Paste:

Enter The Complete Columbia Album Collection, a forthcoming Miles Davis set that includes 70 CDs and a DVD. Yep, 71 pieces total. As in, more albums than were ever released by The Stones, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin put together.

Around the “New Boobs, Poop Content” Horn

We hope y’all enjoy our new direction here at le Pship.

Warner Archive: – The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios

So, Warners is now making available all sorts of goodness from their 1970s-ish archives, available to be burnt-on-demand for the videodisc disc-format.

captains dead » jason molina live in france, 11.21.07

What’s not to love? The newest Magnolia is a triumph, and has me circling back round Molina’s stellar last decade. As always, live shows are about the VOICE. It’s a haunted voice.

Richard Thompson: a troubadour of timeless tunes

‘Looks like this is as close as we’ll ever get to a one-stop shop for one of my 10 fave-ever gtr warriors.

Hardcore for Nerds: You Made Me Realise

In case you, like me, have overlooked this glorious My Bloody Valentine ep in favor of the two big LPs.

The Power Pop Top 200

Pretty much driving my current vinyl-purchasing, this list. Just scored Shoes, Plimsouls and Nerves albs over the wkd: further proof I’m turning into “That Guy.”

Toilet Paper or Bidet? The Dirty Facts | Newsweek

When Kighl confided in me about his Entertainment Weekly habit, I should’ve come back by owning up to my weird new penchant for the “Rebooted” Newsweek. It’s shit like this, ha ha, that weirdly strokes my fancy. Can I recommend something like a ToiletHose for the New, Weird America?

Deep down, Americans have always known that wiping their rears with dry paper is ineffective; a classic survey showed that half of TP users spend their days with “fecal contamination”—anything from “wasp-colored” stains to “frank massive feces”—in their underpants. And yet we continue to mock the bidet, the Frenchest of innovations, as froufrou, risqué, de trop.P6180015

ovrhrd on twtr — American Apparel edition


American Apparel jumps the shark (dressed in leg warmers/hot pants/tank top/shawl/Jackie O shades)

There was a lotta hand-wringing on Twtr recently from guilty Whole Foods supporters… so relatedly, lemme ask, should I stop buying t-shirts from these people? I love the damned t-shirts/hoodies, too much? Is this backdoor-porno or no-better-than-Calvin-Klein ‘fashion’ pablum?  Can I get away with posting that ad on this dude-heavy blog, or am I participating in the same, weird, looking-at-retro-chicks-while-pretending-to-do-culture-criticism as everybody else? Boooring questions. Snooze on, Lex.