Poll, Poll, Poll

The ‘good’ Smashing Pumpkins alb is:

  1. The first one
  2. The second one
  3. The third, 2xcd one
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

(inspired by this Capn’s Dead link to ‘vintage’ Pumpkins live radio rock. for info on the insane photo above, check this.)


5 Responses to “Poll, Poll, Poll”

  1. schmidt Says:

    i’m guessing, here, but I’ll take the 3rd one

  2. evil r + b guy Says:

    Hell naw. The first one all the way, plus the various extended singles, etc. of that time period with the original releases of stuff like that Starla Dear track and Blue and Girl Named Sandoz. Circa ’91 shite. The one part of that first alb I don’t like is the fact that Jimmy is always playing the same drum part for every track.

  3. Tronn Says:

    5. NONE of the above!

  4. kile Says:

    Agreed with R + B on the b-sides. Their best release in Pisces Iscariot, which was released between Siamese Dream and Melancollie.

  5. wreck it before I care Says:

    I third R + B & second Cryle. Pisces Iscariot is a really weird album. Plus the cover of Landslide, despite being considerably less than the original, is pretty good as far as covers go.
    Though, I’ll back Schmidt it and agree that Infinity Sadnessssss has some pretty good tracks, e.g. 1979 33. Unfortunately, there are a lot of forgettable tracks as well.
    I’d also offer up that Billy Corgan’s annoying self, particularly in the last many years, has kind of ruined a lot of it simply because of how whiny that egotistical baldy can be.

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