Crap/Not Crap: Dino Jr alb art?

Is this album art awesome or just ridiculous?


7 Responses to “Crap/Not Crap: Dino Jr alb art?”

  1. gabbagabbahey Says:

    also the 7″:

    I mean, the last album was someone being eaten by a sofa, so…

  2. jordan Says:

    is it fair to say that it would be crap if the music was crap, but since it’s not, it’s not? Just imagine how CRAP it would be on a Fall Out Boy cover or somethin, that’s all I’m saying.

  3. schmi Says:

    i’m w/ jerry

  4. wes Says:

    Almost Awesome.

  5. Brushback Says:

    I think that all Dinosaur Jr. album covers that I’ve seen have been kinda stinky.

  6. chaz Says:

    it kind of makes me feel ill (i’m not joking).

  7. Tronn Says:

    Leaning toward ridiculous, but also kinda awesome in a strange way…

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