Dwight Twilley – Looking for the magic

oh my jeebus, what a happy sing-song!

this one’s from TWILLEY DON’T MIND, the only ‘classic’ album of Twilley’s that I’ve got as yet.

check. out. that. creepy. tom. petty. on. bs.

i somehow feel like the rapport btw these guys is indicative of what the vibe’d’ve been like had kyle and i every formed Missile Camp. this video has some of the goofiest ‘meaningful band member close-ups’ going.

6 Responses to “”

  1. kighl Says:

    wow. wow. awesome.

    God. The verse sounds like Suicide but happy.

  2. evil r + b guy Says:

    This is dope. Never heard it. Next time I’m in a band I’m gonna cop some of those moves.

  3. schmi Says:

    damn, twilley rocks! tom petty is rocking too, but def looks like a tranny.

  4. lips dister Says:

    Minx, i could totally see you fronting this kinda band.

  5. evil r + b guy Says:

    Yeah, I want to start a new band some time. Something with no future. Wanna play guitar?

  6. confusor Says:

    the intimacy is unparalleled. Also, is that Patty H & Kyle McK in the brown bags at the end? PH would be front left, K in back right. I hold this to be self-evident and very truth.

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