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Raise yr hand if you’ve never before dated a manic pixie dream girl. Jeepers, as an emo dude and long suffrant of Lloyd Dobler syndrome, this hits home.

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Joan-Uh in the Wail, Moofin’

I am moving. My hatchback and I are ping-ponging back and forth across towns, chasing this and that: shelving, shelving, and boxes of bookes. I am in a variant of the bad/humorous mood you’ve come to associate with my prattle in 2009, and I miss all you lasses and bonnie blokes*.

It’ll be okay. I have not abandoned the rock-blog world, tho I feel like all rock but punk rock has abandoned me. I have no turntables, no cd tray and no tape deck at the moment. I am feeding only on WFMU live radio streams, including the all-powerful Evan ‘Funk’ Davies’ recent programme feat. the Obits.

Anyway, sorry for the delay in programming. We’ll be bringing it back together again as soon as all the shite’s unpacked. Look for another “inventory” post on l’OG as my next prose-thing.

Don’t underestimate the salience of contempt as a life-source-y soul-Vitamin*.

* of course, if you really longed for my rock-writerly pronouncements on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis, you’d follow me on le Twtr. but i know, you’re so much cooler than that.

* [pronounced, VIT-uh-min.]

Tim and Eric are On Fire, Saxman for Newbies

Tim and Eric are more productive than even my REALLY PRODUCTIVE friends.

Uninitiated? You should be very excited, then. Here is a lo-fi vid of the “Saxman” episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor from way back when. Introduce yourselves.

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“No we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy” – Seal. Y’all. He’s so right, y’all. Think about it

Worst Trend in All of Hollywood?

h/t: Politico Playbook:

DESSERT – Reuters, “Budget-conscious Hollywood in grip of remake fever: The impressive opening of ‘Fast & Furious’ during the weekend not only proves there’s gas in that franchise, it also gives fuel to Hollywood’s obsession with movies based on other movies. Studios have been remaking movies pretty much since they began making them, but during the past year and particularly the past few months, the remake machine has gone into overdrive. The 1980s have turned into a full-fledged garage sale of titles. ‘Romancing the Stone,’ ‘Footloose,’ ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ ‘Dune,’ ‘The Karate Kid,’ ‘Red Dawn,’ ‘RoboCop,’ ‘The Big Chill,’ ‘Arthur,’ ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The NeverEnding Story’ are but a few of the titles from that decade being developed in Hollywood. … Producers say it is now common for them to check lists of hits from another decade to see what might be easiest legally and creatively to package and set up at a studio. … Development executives say it’s now routine for anyone who ever had a branded property to explore big-screen possibilities. … Part of the strip mining of the recent past is generational: Film executives want to play with properties that had an impact on them as youngsters. … Underlying these reasons, it’s the recession and, by extension, nervousness that’s driving the trend. With fewer projects on tap, studio executives would rather go with safer bets — and a remake is perceived as safer, even if the movie turns out to be less than a sure thing at the box office.”

Pajo: Back on Top

Really in love with all things Pajo lately, listening to Scream With Me all the damned time. He is KILLING IT on the blogging also, this Pajo:

I don’t recall the last time I was in London, has it really been that long? I am almost too comfortable here. In 1987 I spent the summer in Ireland. A year later I lived in Grantham for six months. After Slint broke up I went to art college in Norwich for a year. Did so many UK and European tours with Palace Brothers, Tortoise, Stereolab, Royal Trux, Aerial M, Papa M, Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy, Zwan, Slint… I love my English friends and family but my heart is in Ireland and Scotland. Virgin Atlantic is great but overall another hellish journey ho ho ho.


I Eats More Chicken

Fell asleep for about 20 minutes at the airport listening to two kids fight over whether I was a boy or a girl. I guess my lips are so full and red and youthful that it looks like I’m wearing lipstick ho ho ho.

Dwight Twilley – Looking for the magic

oh my jeebus, what a happy sing-song!

this one’s from TWILLEY DON’T MIND, the only ‘classic’ album of Twilley’s that I’ve got as yet.

check. out. that. creepy. tom. petty. on. bs.

i somehow feel like the rapport btw these guys is indicative of what the vibe’d’ve been like had kyle and i every formed Missile Camp. this video has some of the goofiest ‘meaningful band member close-ups’ going.