From our Boston Correspondent

Since I’m still plenty dismal ’bout certain sociopolitical bad news over at the OG, I thought I’d indulge myself and share a happy, happening bit of fun news I received from David Dougan, my ex-bandmate (Chosen Vessel) who is the current rock-warrior avec the Life Partners and Major Stars.

Dave was in Austin for SXSW, you see, and smart enough to attend the big Van Pelt show:

i talked to chris for like 25 seconds afterwards, he said “send my regards to pat!”

i told him who i was and he was like “i have your demo tape!” and said to say hi to you. they were great. i probably haven’t listened to those records in like 10 years but i instantly recognized every song they played, and it was pretty much the exact set i would have expected.

If Chris Leo still has our demo tape, I’ve got something to be pleased about. Chris got us our second-ever gig in the basement of Dave Lerner, who’d later become the Pharmacists’ bassman-in-chief. Nick Forte from Rorschach/Computer Cougar/Beautiful Skin really liked it, and I kept saying things like “fuck you, Rye Coalition” to ’em. [Suffice it to say, Nick Forte was never in Rye. Need I mention there was teenage vodka foolishness underpinning our performance?]

Please, please, please let’s have a national Van Pelt tour, huh?


One Response to “From our Boston Correspondent”

  1. kile Says:

    Major Stars are awesome!

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