Jackson Browne – Late For The Sky – Live

for Kyle, who a while ago asked where to start avec Jackson Browne:

“Late for the Sky” is the alb I started with, on Anders Parker’s recommendation. Sorta like Bob Seger’s “Beautiful Loser,” it’s the one RIGHT BEFORE JB got huge. I’ve included the title track semi-arbitrarily, due to the obscenely “laid back,” finger-picked gtr solo. But check the youtube for video from the same show of “before the deluge” and “walking slow” to see just how much Seger and the Eagles, respectively, took from Jackson Browne’s vibe.

Also, the much earlier “Saturate Before Using” and “For Everyman” are the kinda “see, Jackson Browne used to be really fucking brainy and cool” albs.

And then, “The Pretender” is, of course, Jackson’s “Night Moves.” It’s half great and half shite.

God I’m fucking old.


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