Dxtr Reviews Wrkng on a Drm on Twtr

Here’s a song-by-song review of Bruce’s Working on a Dream that I twtrd during a horrible morning spent packing outta my shit outta my old, dead house a few weeks ago. Note that I omitted “Outlaw Pete,” the 8.5-minute opening track that Tom Scharpling, APMike and so many others have lampooned, and which needs to be heard to be believed. Note also that Working on a Dream is kinda bad, but that I listen to it a lot. Or at least I did before Brown Beard five-fingered my copy.

  1. MY LUCKY DAY reintroduces the “let’s disguise Clarence’s sax by trying to make it sound like a gtr” tactic. it’s rocking enough for me.
  2. Icon_lockWORKING ON A DREAM brings it with the very Jeff-Lynne-as-Wilburys’-producer-ish production. Is that Brendan O’brien’s “thing”?
  3. QUEEN OF THE SUPERMARKET is wretched, from its’ “Kokomo” bs line to its “Kokomo” backing vocals. Jesus wept! “Adult Rock” balladry, poppas.
  4. WHAT LOVE CAN DO brings back the gtr/sax mash, and the result is bagpipe-y. Omnipresent hand percssion i could live without, but this’s good.
  5. THIS LIFE, more unabashed Beach Boys vibes during the intro. Pretty chord progression/hook. Clarence drives the outtro.
  6. GOOD EYE, oh no! the Call and Response, third rate Estrus Records song w/ the harp and the Bullet Mic. Fuck. Skip!
  7. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS uh, i need a break from this slip-slop. Knopfler and Lanois spawned a giraffe, huh?
  8. KINGDOM OF DAYS isn’t the kind of Biblical motif I can get into. Otherwise, more Jeff Lynne and sunken sax.
  9. SURPRISE, SURPRISE is more Byrds-y, but the same produkt. Kinda pretty, but not exceptional by Boss standards.
  10. THE LAST CARNIVAL has a nice finger-picked figure, than goes to Gospel Choir mode at the end, thus poisoning the well.
  11. THE WRESTLER reminds me of my favoritest movie in a long time.

3 Responses to “Dxtr Reviews Wrkng on a Drm on Twtr”

  1. the bagman Says:

    I didn’t five-finger sheeit. You WANTED me to take it.

  2. evil r + b guy Says:

    I’d love to see more album reviews done in this manner. Do another one.

  3. david Says:

    yeah i liked this post too. i love the boss but have had no desire to buy this album, your twtr review pretty much sealed the deal.

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