SUGAR – Tilted

Did I mention an original, UK vinyl (CREATION!!!) copy of _Beaster_ arriving in the mail for me?

Thus I’m listening again to this ep that I never stop listening to. My fantasy cover band’d play this but there’s no way in hell I could do gtr/vocs at the same time in actual, lived life.

‘No idea there was a video for this song, or that it any way comprised a ‘single.’ _Beaster_ and _Copper Blue_ both have these super-layered, MBV-ish gtr sounds that’re nonetheless worlds poppier than the Valentines. (Also, you can sorta hear the words when Bob sings.) Still, I love it that they were on the same label!


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  1. gabbagabbahey Says:

    awesome! I didn’t know there was a video either. FU:EL has a couple of odd videos for it too, I think.
    this was going to be a (pseudo-)’reblog’ on Tumblr, but RoS got in the way. maybe tomorrow.

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