saturday morning on sunday street – in Dublin

for those who need to be able to calibrate my facebook status updates with my record listening tastes.

also for those who are wondering why i could be soiling myself over so much adult-oriented, wispy, weird-glasses-wearing guy rock these days.

remember how i shamefully bought that Simon and Garfunkel rec recently? this record, this Olson and Louris record, kills any Simon and Garfunkel, any CSNY, any Belle and Sebastian and anything not called “Byrds” when it comes to the coupla-dudes-harmonizing-melancholically genre. (and i’m including the clancy brothers here, so nobody give me any shit about that!)

actually, what genre of music IS this?

mebbe it’s just the “i’ve been walkin’ in circles/a new start/and a new place to live/Saturday morning on Sunday street” thing that gets me.


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  1. gabbagabbahey Says:

    that’s Whelan’s, btw.

    where I saw David Grubbs and 2/3rds of the other artists, Irish and international, that I blog about.

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