Inglorious Bastards (2009) Trailer

Uh, this trailer does not inspire a lot of confidence in me.


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  1. k'i'll Says:

    Script reviewers argue that the story is far more dynamic than this teaser lets on.
    I agree though, that it looks pretty weak so far. I felt the same way when the first trailer for Kill Bill came out. And while I may be alone here, I really liked both of them.

  2. Jordan Says:

    I’m with you Kyle. There are obviously better Tarantino movies, and there may be flaws in the two KB’s, but I thought they were good.

  3. evil r + b guy Says:

    I’ll come out and say that I thought the KB movies were terrible except for a few scenes. I liked them stylistically at times, but not in any sustained way. Certainly not in the way that I liked Pulp Fiction and yes, Jackie Brown. How was the double bill with Robert R.?

    Brad Pitt sounds awful with that phony southern accent, so I hated the rest of the trailer, too.

  4. Jordan Says:

    Yeah, I’m curious about just how bad Brad Pitt’s accent and posturing is, like he was trying to camp it up for Tarantino or something.

  5. evil r + b guy Says:

    He seems like he’s impersonating Tommy Lee Jones impersonating Brad Pitt impersonating John Wayne.

  6. steroid congress Says:

    Lix et al.- despite Pitt & this trailer, I’m looking fwd to this movie. I liked Death Proof! This trailer does look like a Guy Ritchie joint, though.

    I’m also looking forward to baseball-talk here at the Person Shop, now that spring training has bgun. we going to get some of that?

  7. barry Says:

    I also liked Death proof.

    Did you notice how Brad Pitt said “gonna” like Lee Boyd says it? That little nuance of Lee’s accent always stuck out at me like a big, nasty boner in the eye.

  8. evil r + b guy Says:


  9. Confusor Says:

    I think it might be too soon to tell by the trailer, which feels like a frat boy pep talk before a beer pong tourny. I am hoping he takes these bastArds and makes them seem more inhumane than the Nazis – which may be an obvious move, but one not many folks would feel comfortable enough to do, particularly at QT’pie’s distribution level. Hopefully it will not suffer from ereckyle dysfunction.
    BP’s accetn aside, his neck scar is pretty cool. I hope neck scars come back in style. And mustaches.

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