Mark Olson & Gary Louris – Turn Your Pretty Name Around (Live on Letterman) 2009.02.05 (HQ)

This is fireworks-less adult music for people with life-partners they love, like and respect to hear over an indiscrete number of whiskeys, beer backs, and maybe the first five smokes they’ve allowed ’emselves in seven-eight months.

Well, jolly-fucking ho – good for you people, whoever you are. Meanwhile the rest of us can surely appreciate how mature these vocal melodies are, and how the tone of the song is way more Rose Melberg than Roger McGuin.

This belongs next to the godly Neil Hagerty Halstead record in the “so pretty you don’t even notice that it’s pretty” category. Now I’m even more pumped for the dry, great album it comes with, being as I am a wet, overrated man-hamper who best steer himself away from the ashtray mouth for a while, now that he thinks about it.


2 Responses to “”

  1. schmidrew Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. kile Says:

    The pre-corrected Hagerty line really threw me off.

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