PShip Lowest-Common-Denominator Talk

‘d love to hear you peoples weigh in on this important debate started over at the still-inspirational Electrical Forum.

[This being an important new experiment with “blue” content on the PShip, and an indicator that we’ve pivoted away from the pre-teen/teen demographic, which, admittedly, was a big part of our early successes.]


11 Responses to “PShip Lowest-Common-Denominator Talk”

  1. wobs Says:

    Easy enough – I can live down randomly emptying the contents of my stomach. Not so much the shitting of the pants.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    ‘written with the clarity of a man who should be enjoying a snow day.

  3. kile Says:

    Vomiting can actually be a fun activity. And besides, I’d be a lot more comfortable with myself knowing that I won’t be crapping all over the exercise equipment at the gym.

  4. barry Says:

    oh man. I hadn’t thought of the exercise equipment. Vomiting for me.

  5. barry Says:

    By the way, PJ, did you hear the EFCA conference call with the Home Depot dude, et al? It was stinky!

  6. Wilbro Says:

    Always the vengeful one, I think I’ll go with spurting a liquefied stream of diarrhea (or, if you prefer the charms of the Olde World, diarrhoea) just about any day over the vomit thing. Is this something that is to be done on command or without any real bodily control? It’s a really tough call, but my scatalogical impulses compel (and, to an extent, frighten) me here. For nothing could possibly be more satisfying than spraying a nutty, frothy “load” of bowelslurry into the gaping mouth of an unwitting opponent as your final deathblow. At least, that’s how I imagine it to be. I’ve got more than a few potential “targets” in mind. Guess it’s time to start plowing through all this canned cream corn. A corny bigjob is, of course, the ultimate coup de grace for the serial shitter.

  7. kile Says:

    The rule is that you have absolutely no control over it. So, if you wanted to use this curse as a weapon, you would be squatting over your target’s face for a really long time.

  8. Wilbro Says:

    Well, that puts a new spin on things, don’t it. Hell, I’ve got no shame! ZERO whatsoever! Put me down for the runny belly! To hell with your EXERCISE EQUIPMENT! Let’s have a party! I call dibs on Dad’s NordicTrack! Awww. Too late. MOMMA!

  9. lexdexter Says:

    thanks, lads. this is everything i’d dreamed it would be… – p

  10. kile Says:

    Wilbro, do you hollar for “Momma” everytime you make mess in pant?

  11. Wilbro Says:


    But it’s more of a “MAWMA!” than a “MOMMA!” “Momma” just makes me think of that show. About the Family. “Momma’s Family”! Was that how they spelled it? I don’t care, ‘cuz I liked it!

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