so the originary jayhwaks, olson + louris, are all reunited and shit for a long-awaited duo album (prononounced, “AHblum.”)

i am having a hard time, and between facial ticks i spend a lot of gas pondering some kinda deus ex machina that i can’t help but wait for, if not expect. amidst the worst month of my life, one welcome form such a partial game-changer could take is that of the great alb.

rainy day music being the last great thing from either one of these guys (louris), it’s a longshot.  but both of their solo albs last year were positive steps, and Captain’s Dead guy seems pleased. it’s enough, at least, to turn my attention to the question of ‘what does a great alb sound like in 2009?’ for a moment. Rest assured, pship frnds, that I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


2 Responses to “Olson/Louris”

  1. Guillermo Shirley Says:

    The only thing I’ve ever listened to by these guys is Hollywood Town Hall, which was real good, but not great. Tell me why I should care.

  2. david Says:

    We saw the two of them play a duo acoustic set at this year’s “Americana” (how’s that for a meaningless genre signifier?) music festival here in Nashville. It was hair-raisingly fantastic. They are playing again on Valentines Day at the Exit/Inn and we are going to have a romantic, aching harmony-laden evening. Guillermo, HTH is a good album, but check out Tomorrow the Green Grass, or Lex’s fave Rainy Day Music (sans Olson).

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