what inspires you chaps and lady-chaps?

this parable goes back to my days on an archaeology crew in south and central NJ. one day i was walking out of a WaWa when i turned a corner and happened upon two caucasian mid-teens in puffy coats, trying to get tough for one another’s benefit. as we passed, the one kinda friend-shoved the other, and slurred…

Maaaaaaan…. FUCK jesus!”

some people need to take acid or get tattooed before they can feel like they’ve finally, definitively shattered their hometown mores and gone deep off the chain. all these boys needed were mouths, words, and the good sense to look around for idols to profane. ain’t that america?


4 Responses to “what inspires you chaps and lady-chaps?”

  1. rudle Says:

    That approach worked for me… up to a very tangible point! I feel its texture like my own 15 year old face. I fit the first couple of categories pretty tightly though, so arrange that comment appropriately.

  2. evil r + b guy Says:

    I like to friend-shove rudie.
    I wasn’t made to worship Jesus as a teenager, so I was more likely to say, “Maaaaaaan…. FUCK Mr. Big!”

  3. elvira Says:

    How about bullying innocent passersby: “Hey, rich boy with the glasses and the skater boots!”

    Ask Minx about his East Nashvillian teenage heckling.

  4. schmidrew Says:

    hey– did you get that stuff i sent you?

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