nedelkoff, montalban

i have a feeling that last week’s Tim and Eric extravaganza marked the end of my being able to survive these troubled times on comedy alone. so as i move in my mind from “ha-ha” to “somebody stone me,” i’m laying in bed and charting out a new curriculum.

as always, robert nedelkoff helps. i’ll figure out how/why he came to post on this Nixon site later. as for now, i just to benefit from his attention to, uh, shit like this, and the almost-imperceptible prose-glaze it slides by on:

But there were other, more serious sides to Ricardo Montalban. On May 24, 1973, in what is still the largest dinner ever held on the grounds of the White House, America’s Vietnam prisoners of war gathered in a vast tent on the grounds of the White House, the guests of President and Mrs. Nixon, for a memorable dinner which included entertainment from one of the most diverse and talented lineups of stars ever assembled anywhere.

The evening, emceed by Bob Hope, included John Wayne; Jimmy Stewart; Edgar Bergen; Roy Acuff; Vic Damone; the New Christy Minstrels; Sammy Davis Jr; Connie Francis; Phyllis Diller; and Joey Heatherton, all giving their utmost…

2 Responses to “nedelkoff, montalban”

  1. evil r + b guy Says:

    Where are you as you type these posts?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    literally: NJ, where my high-school era boudoir has been papered over with fake Laura Ashley action, and where the downstairs bathroom is papered over with smiling Chinese peasants enjoying their genre scenes.

    figuratively: in a bad place. my man jason molina asks sonorously, ‘what comes after the blues’? a week ago, i myself’d’ve wondered what comes after my survival-via-laughter modality. now i know! and like Mr. Seger, ‘i wish i didn’t know now what i didn’t know then.’ i am (“i feel like”) a sexual surrogate working for the Blob.

    my only wish – like that of those damned souls in Dante’s hell who can only hope to be remembered – is that this narration is funny or otherwise informative for the half-dozen somebody-else’s reading it. usually i’m okay with the “tree falling in the woods,” damned-to-obscurity position. but today it’s great to know there’re people listening/reading. may it always (sometimes) be.

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