prisonship-rock in le District

sure, i know it’s going to be great to attend the inauguration of BHO. but at the same time, it’ll be a logistical nightmare. and a lotta my motivation for going in the first place has disappeared due to the events of this holiday season. i know it’s going to be awesome, i know… but i don’t think the gravity of the event will hit me until i’m on the scene. 

on the other hand, the gravity of this motherbleeping event is already blossoming inside me like the Alien. that’s right: Ted Leo, Tortoise, Freakwater, Sally Timms, Eleventh Dream Day. the emcee? Tom “Wrecking Crew blew pattyjoe’s mind” Frank.


2 Responses to “prisonship-rock in le District”

  1. andrew Says:

    district teeth

  2. wobs Says:

    w00t! Oh, and I suggest renting a bike on the 20th.

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