Kid Rock = “all summer long”

(coincidentally, this tune was mentioned on the Best Show on WFMU a coupla weeks ago. ‘not as good as the VH1 Storytellers version, but i can’t find that version.)

“makin’ love out by the lake to our favorite songs.”

the studio version features the “Werewolves of London”/”Sweet Home Alabama” mash-up in a more prominent way.

for the record, this BAND is terrible, huh? i know four different frequent prisonship commentators that coulda done a better job on that gtr solo.

this is clearly kid rock’s move towards a john cougar/bob seger/pop country vibe, right?


3 Responses to “”

  1. evil r + b guy Says:

    I once sat in a booth at a Turkish restaurant in Nashville. Next booth over was a lady who kept tellin’ wild stories about things she did with “the Kid”. I believed her.

  2. evil r + b guy Says:

    I think List Dister should adopts some of those dance moves for his upcoming solo tour with Bad Company.

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