elevator shafts, escalator panels

i suppose these five links have nothing in common except their common place in some of our passages through info-space, but to me they make a great deal of sense clumped together like this.

  1. Levin, McCain Release Executive Summary and Conclusions of Report on Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody (no comment.)
  2. http://bestshowvault.blogspot.com/2008/11/theyre-still-showing-up-for-work-half.html this might be a great place to jump into labor poltiics, for those who are a bit off-put by Organizing Grievances‘ subject matter. okay, that’s certainly not true.  but more importantly, these best show blurbs feature Tom Scharpling and (I think) Mr. Andrew Earles of album of the year Just Farr a Laugh fame (oops, i gave it away.) anyway,  this is what’s funny to me. this is exactly it. like the Wire or a Maoist Godard movie, it demands more from its medium and more from its audience then the present day’s formal conventions dictate. stay with it.
  3. Biography and Ideology | Reihan Salam | The American Scene.  what an unprecedented piece of semi-autobio! i say “semi,” because the essay is also a “check-in” on class, education, etc. the ripest line, in my opinion? “at the same time, I was struck then and now by the uneven distribution of the work ethic.” i am damning Salam with faint praise when i say i like his writing better than the best David Brooks. also, this is the ‘first essay in which i’ve heard a conservative evoke “late capitalism.”
  4. Dress-up Mandals, finally. golly, the sound of two friends loving each other for christmas! go ahead, listen in. they won’t even notice that you’re there.
  5. Sean Penn’s Conversations With Chavez and Castro you cannot not not not read this. Vanity Fair meets the Workers’ Vanguard? hell, no… it reads like Hemingway, mostly in the way that Sean Penn keeps describing people’s drinks. come on, everybody needs to read this and we’ll have a larf in the comments section. (featuring: Christopher Hitchens!)

2 Responses to “elevator shafts, escalator panels”

  1. Wilbro Says:

    Point taken. I’ll check it out.

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