a daunting blogger-daunter

it’s going to be hard to rank my top 10-15 albs of 2008 in any reasonable way, because on a personal level, this was a breakout year for sitting at the computer and listening to albs. and that’s saying something, considering what i am and who i do…

still haven’t even heard the new Deerhunter or Hush Arbors or the Bob Dylan bootleg comp.

while i wrestle myself over this, be sure to check in with gabba.  and let loose with any remarks you might have to spare in what we call the “comments” section.

at the moment, here’s the names of those who made the albs that I’d have to cite as the heaviest heavies so far: earles + jensen/new year/ilyas ahmed/bob mould/cardinals/grubbs/joan of arc/make believe /walkmen/halstead/fucked up

and then, there’s like another dozen albs just a half-tier below. ‘great year for albs, apparently, considering that my top ten shares nothing (besides mebbe le walkmen) with what i’m seeing from Paste, l’AV, and (best week ever’s making fun of) Rolling Stone…neither does Gabba’s for that matter, saving mebbe the Vampire Weekend, which I also haven’t yet heard (thanks Gabba pour le mixtape).


11 Responses to “a daunting blogger-daunter”

  1. gabbagabbahey Says:

    thanks for the link… and you’re welcome for the mixtape, I’m quite sure I get more enjoyment from making them myself than anybody else does from listening to them!

    fucked up is #2 at the AV, if you missed it. Personally I think it’s somewhat overrated (thrash punk with harmonies! wow! j/k), but I was listening to it today on that account and I did quite enjoy it.

    the new year might have gained a spot in my top list if a) I’d be listening to it for longer (just saw the vinyl in Tower a couple of days ago, will probably pick it up to enhance the experience) and b) there hadn’t already been so many strong post-rocky-type albums that I’ve been dissecting this year.

    bob mould sorta fell off my radar (Body of Song is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine however), despite the 7″ of ‘The Silence Between Us’ probably being the very first piece of music I bought in 2008. I got the alb from eMusic but it’s been gathering virtual dust on my PC. I leave it up to you to rehabilitate for me…

  2. lexdexter Says:

    gah, i forgot Prisonshake!

  3. lexdexter Says:

    and breeders!
    and thalia zedek!
    and lambchop!

  4. kile Says:

    lambchop, fer sure

    and how did I miss that T.Zedek put out a new album?

  5. lexdexter Says:

    oh you know Zedek. her media footprint is not as large as, say, the Statue of Liberty’s….

    how do you suppose the Statue of Liberty got that role in Ghostbusters 2, btw? i’ve always meant to ask you that, kile.

    – Lips Boothorne (Foreign Porn Industries’ Administration Assoc.)

  6. kile Says:

    Lady Liberty was all “fuck no.” So the producers told her that the Titanic would be making a cameo and she was like “alright, fine. I’ll do it. Just don’t make me look stupid.”
    Then when it was time for her to make her appearance, they jizzed ectoplasm all over her and told her to walk around and smash stuff.
    You could get away with that kind of stuff back in 9/10 NYC.

  7. lexdexter Says:

    “9/10 NYC” should be the next Sophia Coppola movie: vincent gallo, alan vega and the female leads from _Friends._ it could be an electroclash movie about a multicultural band of Smiths’ groupies coming on to post-pubescence. all the above-mentioned stars play the parents.

    (and John Doe as an out-of-towner who – get this – thinks NYC is for DORKS!)

    (the Jonas brothers as Richard Serra and Julian Schnabel)

  8. Kyle Says:

    That’s not far off from the casting of Rachel Getting Married.

    Michael Cera as Arthur Russell’s ghost.
    Brian Eno as Giuliani.
    Byron Coley as himself.

  9. lexdexter Says:

    wow, who’s rachel?

  10. lexdexter Says:

    oh and gabba,
    i think the fucked up has a lot more going on the gtr front than you’re allowing. that’s more than “thrash-punk,” there. if anything, it seems to me like it’s the VOCS that’re thrashy.

  11. gabbagabbahey Says:

    yes, I was exaggerating. It does have a really nice guitar sound. But, conversely, there’s more thrash to it than just the vocals. which I don’t mind at all, either – I just think the album is relatively straightforward for what it’s held up to be.

    this review is a good match to my attitude: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/album.php?reviewid=27451

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