Roxy Music: Roxy Music (Reissue) : LPbjoh i cannot believe this exists. my much-beloved copies of the first four absolutely crucial, most-important Roxy Music albs are now oh-so worn. they practically all have ketchup stains on them at this point. (somebody tell my one true love to get this for me for xmas.)

Police Academy Reunion | We look at the senior citizens on patrol

thank you for this link, Kyle. it’s everything you said it would be. it’s everything to me.

Todd Rundgren to produce New York Dolls’ 2009 album

Wow. this. sounds. horrible. to. me. i think i’d rather get into Velvet Revolver, or the new Weiland album.

The Real Bill Ayers –

You should check this out in tandem with the amazing, revealing, inspiring interview between Ayers and my oft-mentioned role model, Doug Henwood. Ayers acquits himself well. There, I said it.

Academic Elites Fill Obama’s Roster –

Apparently the Post thinks Obama’s “roster” should be comprised of the cast of Police Academy 4?

Ezra Klein and “the Unions.”

If you cannot tell by now, i am beside myself about these insane Detroit hearings. I cannot find an expensive enough men’s hat to vomit in.

Slavoj Žižek on Obama: Use Your Illusions « Kasama

Boom. Enjoy yr Obama fantasy/symptom, says the Slovenian.

Corzine settles with Katz relative for $362,500

We don’t call it “sleazy” in New Jersey. We call it “gritty.”

I feel guilty about recently maligning REM’s Monster alb, so here’s Fluxblog.

Happy Saturday night. Pretty soon I’ll be off to Uncle Dave’s for the big fight.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Doug Henwood Says:

    Role model? Thanks! Hi, who are you?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    Doug, I am a grad student/labor activist/long-time Baffler and LBO reader. I’ve written embarrassing unconditional endorsements of your writing and your radio work on this and another blog, Organizing Grievances. Once I even emailed you – I think about the Kentucky River decision? – and thanked you for your massive influence on my thought and my work .My dissertation deals with public employee unions, discourse analysis and state theory. In addition I do research for unions under a former student of Adolph Reed.

    Also I had the pleasure of seeing you present an early paper from the “ruling class” project on a panel with Bob Jessop in Amherst a coupla years ago. Both of your papers were very influential for me (as, by the way, was Jessop’s book on the life/work of Nicos Poulantzas.)

    Anyway, beyond all that, I love your radio show and listen to the podcast religiously – so much so that I’ve taken to forcing it on friends, acquaintances, strangers, etc. Thanks for all that.

  3. Wilbro Says:

    Wow. I forgot about doing these Microsoft Paint drawings. I’ll have to start them up again. Maybe have a showing over at Galerie Thanks for reminding me of these.

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