a hailstorm of windfalls, a (redundant) canticle of non-psalms

The Doctor Isn’t: “Better Be Home Soon” – Still Another Damn Music Meme

Doctor Curmudgeon invites you to a game of musique-chance.

* transcription of Rahm E’s first brief.

Wow, we’ve got some raw wonk here. Lemme know if anybody else actually geeks on this.

* Bruce Springsteen premieres song via MySpace/Amazon

Again, i’m getting a lot of unnecessary media news from Paste. you?

* Gregory to host ‘Meet the Press’ – Mike Allen – Politico.com

An unexciting decision, this. tho i think there’s a chance that Gregory – 38 years old, for chrissakes – could do this job for 30, 40 years. he’s “not crap,” just sand-dry and very much of that weirdly apolitical, nonetheless aristocratic copse of DC press room viceroys. at least, that’s what his habitus says to me.

* Ben Smith’s Blog: Biden, enemy of the prepared remarks – Politico.com

My favorite story of the day. dig the contrast, and remember the (again, weirdly apolitical) reasons – comedy reasons – why we need joe biden in the foreground of our national affairs.

*LENIN’S TOMB: Neocons love Obama.

More on this amazing blog later. but this mebbe wins the trophy for unfunny story of the day day. no matter how many passes we’re willing to give BHO on his Cabinet appts., we should totally be suspicious of the outbreak of jubilant Hawks in the (now-hegemonic) Obama Appreciation Society. See:

What does all this mean? Are the neocons simply swallowing mouthfuls of blood and running home to Dad? Or do they have something to be cheerful about? Actually, it’s both. After all, the last time the neocons were so directionless and lost as a tendency was in the early 1990s, when the ‘totalitarian’ behemoth they said could never collapse from within duly collapsed from within. A great many of them initially supported Bill Clinton, who also appointed a Republican defense secretary and ran a hawkish foreign policy campaign. The neocons were in essence liberal nationalists, after all. They had broken with the Democratic Party after its failure to select Daniel Patrick Moynihan as their preferred presidential candidate, deriding the centre-right Carter administration as a ‘New Left’ one. The main issues that brought them to the Republican Party were Carter’s failure to decisively support the Shah, and his occasional criticisms of the Somoza regime and eventual imposition of sanctions. That was essentially why they turned to the Reaganauts.

* i just threw up in my mouth a little |(Prisonshippe’s obligatory Rod Stewart/Ron Wood content)

Thankfully Captain’s Dead is watching for any and all news on the Faces’ reunion front, and offering commentary I unconditionally endorse.

* DC Confidential: GEORGE PELECANOS :: Stop Smiling Magazine

Featuring beloved Speakeasy regular Bruce Bennett, Stop Smiling is quickly becoming a key provider of human resources for my coterie of “Arts and Culture” e-Commentators. Now they’re hosting this fine exchange with, ah, at least 1 of my top 5 fave contemporary crime novelists (certainly the one with the best taste in records.)

* EzraKlein wonks best when he health-wonks!

More on the coming healthcare death matches on the Hill, to be waged under the banner of The Baucus Plan.

* Obama and Clinton: Answering the Whys – The Fix

Cilizza reminds me just how disorienting it is to think of HRC and BHO tag-teaming after so many slobberknockers. It still weirdly thrills, weirdly chills me, arousing a curiousness as did the Hacksaw/Iran Sheik arrest when I was so much younger.

*Best Week Ever »  We Don’t Need Another Hero. We Just Need This.

Tina bleeping Turner is still performing “Thunderdome” at live shows!?! Is this a regular thing, or was it a really rare treat? It would be interesting – I think we can all agree – to compile a 90-minute mixtape of just live “Thunderdome”s. Side A could be, like, 80% from 2008 and 100% post-2005. And then Side ‘B’ could house the obviously best and most historically significant performances Tina did.

* Michael Calderone’s Blog: Singer: NBC should suspend Matthews

Yeah, if Matthews does run for Senate, I don’t think certain still-embittered veterans of HRC ’08 are gonna come out and glad-hand for ’em too much.

* Old School Maoism: Fierce Work of Peking Review (1966-1976)

You know you want to need it.

* The Paper Chase | The American Prospect

Truly great ur-ethnographic “thick description” of how the ranking think tanks and (other policy-picklers) race “to set the tone for BHO’s taking it to the next lvl.”

* CNN subverted labor union

No, CNN, guilty of unfair labor practices? Just swear to me that Lou Dobbs had nothing to do with it.

* http://bobby jindal will rock and shock the nation

The Washington Post can’t help but acknowledge that Bobby Jindal is a meteoric firebrand of youthful, outside-of-the-box flames!

* Calculated Risk: Bernanke: Fed may buy Longer-Term Treasuries

Oh grand. So the legitimacy of our nation’s banks are now in need of long-term buttressing by the Fed(eral Govt. d’Etats-Unis)?!?  By the way, just you know, there seems to be something of a recession going on here. I am glad that I just left a median-American-household-ish union job for grad squalor. Aren’t you glad I did?


7 Responses to “a hailstorm of windfalls, a (redundant) canticle of non-psalms”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Your Thunderdome Mix-tape idea is one for the record books.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    Do you like the Thunderdome idea enough to help me make it a reality? All you have to lose are your illusions about Tina Turner’s post-9/12 career. (And a lot of time. Could you imagine a 4.5 hour session with glue sticks and “hi-speed dubbing”?)

    Dear Readership,
    What feeble/shadowy activity can we make “hi-speed dubbing” a euphemism for? And will you help me in making that euphemism a high-circulating reality? All you have to lose are your illusions about cassette decks’ being “anachronistic.” I always thought that was naive of you. Let alone presumptuous!

  3. evil r + b guy Says:

    There could be a Thunderdome CD set similar to that “Grayfolded” Grateful Dead project in which multiple Dark Star performances were combined.

    I have to admit I never saw the Thunderdome installment of Mad Max. I do like the first one, though. I like that era of Sci Fi movies, including the first Terminator and even Ice Pirates.

  4. Kyle Says:

    Ok OK. You’ve twisted my arm.
    I’ll learn how to do the bit-torrent thing…

  5. lexdexter Says:

    i believe in you, Kyle. and i believe in what you bring to this project. and i believe in what Jeebus might bring to the project, once he hears you’re involved. he effing LOVES you, boy.

  6. lexdexter Says:

    and yeah Minx,
    i agree about Mad Max. ‘fucking Toe Cutter.

  7. evil r + b guy Says:

    Have you seen Kyle’s new post??

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