Iron Sheik/Hacksaw Jim Duggan + The Middletown, NJ PD

a famous story that rocked my fourth-grade world, delivered by a man whose accent and manner of speaking remind this reporter of nobody so much as trefz minx.

things really break out around the 90-second mark when le Sheik describes being pulled over by the police in Middletown while en route to Asbury Park. the boys – who wrestled each other later that same evening – sure didn’t mind a little partying in the car, huh?

love the Pedro Morales/George “the Animal” Steele refs, too. those names are thrown off like minx might name-drop Tony Williams, Aston Kutcher or Leroy Nieman.


3 Responses to “Iron Sheik/Hacksaw Jim Duggan + The Middletown, NJ PD”

  1. evil r + b guy Says:

    “and then police officer recognize me…”
    I like this guy. How about his teeth?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    so he lost a few teeth… that’s the cost of doin’ business, sometimes.

    sometimes you can’t make an omelette without breaking Meg.

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    […] so many slobberknockers. It still weirdly thrills, weirdly chills me, arousing a curiousness as did the Hacksaw/Iran Sheik arrest when I was so much […]

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