‘Alison’ by Slowdive

doesn’t it just make you want to sigh, then seethe, then sigh, then try to sleep? i post this same damned youtube every few years.


coping with the Cop-Child

for those of you out there who are supporting me in the actual life-world, and who might be wondering how i’m doin’…? here’s how i’m doin’. here’s what’s up in my world.

le new wilco

(originally published, 4/30/2007)

the new wilco alb is like an indie’d up early post-beatles solo alb, to me (could be jawn, jorj or pawl). if we follow o’rourke’s assertion that ghost is born is tweedy’s if i could only remember my name, and tom scharpling (and my) assertion that foxtrot is sister lovers…well, then another mid-70s-ish/indie rock record kinda makes sense. the alb isn’t the kinda thing i’ll prance the streets evangelizing about, but i bet i’ll listen to it more in the next six months than i do any number of ‘greater’ albums. ‘nothing wrong with being a good songwriter and writing a record of good, sad-y songs. and it takes “stones” to bring nels cline into yr group then cut something as un-axeman-ish as this. a robin trower record this is not, ‘s what i mean.

i’d highly recommend checking the album stream, too, ’cause the very AM fidelity fits tweedy’s chosen vibe perfectly.

is it as good as the last loose fur record, though? both albums have little dinky, ‘fun-time’ piano interludes that remind me of the campiest phish songs and the less arty forays of eugene’s vaunted visible men.

Patton Oswalt – Stella Dora Breakfast Treats

uh, not safe for “Work.” depending on what kind of work you life to get into. Patton Oswalt is a hero for modern Americans, every day of his life.

the troof about detroit

“That’s why Detroit’s going bankrupt. Because of the unions. Preventing children from cleaning smokestacks.” — John Hodgman, finding the roots of the global financial crisis (on the Best Show).

Kid Rock = “all summer long”

(coincidentally, this tune was mentioned on the Best Show on WFMU a coupla weeks ago. ‘not as good as the VH1 Storytellers version, but i can’t find that version.)

“makin’ love out by the lake to our favorite songs.”

the studio version features the “Werewolves of London”/”Sweet Home Alabama” mash-up in a more prominent way.

for the record, this BAND is terrible, huh? i know four different frequent prisonship commentators that coulda done a better job on that gtr solo.

this is clearly kid rock’s move towards a john cougar/bob seger/pop country vibe, right?

off the chain, off the chain, off the chain

thanks to gabba for pointing me in the direction of this hilarious thread at one base on an overthrow about big black, forced exposure, etc. there’s a lotta great action in the comments section. 

Seeing Cheap Trick live was like having sex with a hooker for a remarkably small amount of money.”