Calling the Prisonship “Public” – Need Yr Help!

okay, so here’s the score. i am confused re: who is and who is not reading the new endeavor aka Organizing Grievances. more specifically, who isn’t reading this blog that used to read my other blog, the Prisonship? why not? is it you, or is it me?

let me explain my confusion (vanity, narcissism), and why it’s important that you pay some attention to this matter. i am baffled, looking back and seeing that there were times when the P-ship had as much as 380 hits/day, and that the “oh-gee” – which adds a bunch of intelligent, good-looking people into the mix – is languishing at about 56/day.

anyway, i’d like to take this opportunity to engage anybody who used to read this blog – mebbe still gets an rss feed – but has nonetheless decided against trying out the New Fall Lineup… are you out there? identify yourself and share your thoughts. seriously, who are you? how?

too many mixtapes? not enough labor ranting or mediocre primary “coverage?” what gives, sailors?