Okay, a Historic Prisonship Bist-Post

here’s the News, shoes… ahem… it has been a pleasure serving you for now. thank you: as of now, the Prisonship is suspending its candidacy.

but a few things, quick before i go:

I really wanna thank everyone who had anything to do with encouraging, acknowledging, or sagely avoiding mention of my solo album, Doubles. we played a good show to commemorate, culminating the life-cycle of the songs, full-circle from the solo, to the duo, to the trio, to the quintro:

  1. The reason the songs were recorded is because my friends and family, all of whom work for a godlldarn living, threw in some clams to make it happen. Only then could I muster up the bluster necessary to perpetrate these songs before an audience any wider than the blistering, bisty Ocean. Most of the tunes were written under the spell of the Pacific Ocean at the Oregon Coast. I would like to send a copy of Doubles to any Prisonship reader who hasn’t yet been given one…. I make this offer earnestly, as if there are more than four such people within the whole vast lonely stardust-y universe.
  2. Why am I leaving? Well, I’ll tell you….. but first I’ll prattle on about some other, considerably less interesting things.
  3. At this time I am the bathetic Moses peering out upon the vaunted, promised, fecund, damp and luscious turf of grad school. Grad school, and a Fall spent running around Oregon’s nooks and sinkholes, participant-observer-ing my way through an electoral campaign.
  4. August marks – shucks – the end of mebbe the first quarter in my life as a labor campaigner. I am returning to the sidelines with the clipboard and the headphones. I need to learn when to comment and when to commentate, viceroys – always for the Left, of course.
  5. Oh you don’t think I’m done blogging, though? NO, sir, NO, madame. It’s just that I’m now throwing in with wobs and uncle and ash and EZ on a mass venture, a “critical action committee,” an attempt to churn out an honest-to-god, content-rich, regularly-updated, “real” publication. Check it out today, starting with my high-profile, moody entry-post. I suppose maybe I’ll see you there? Lob some comments and let’s interpellate ourselves anew and anon. Exuent.
  6. WILLIAMS, IS IT REALLY YOU?!? Emomail is pattyjoetweeter, gmail, com. Find me! EXUENT.