thanks for eugene, mr. james

very nice blog-blurb from soon-to-be interview subject Molly at EW, praise be. ‘nice to have the opportunity to clear the air about a) Falcon, b) “Doubles,” c) my Sewanee buddies, d) doo rags.

delightful day today. mouth stitches? removed. checking account? overdrawn. printer/scanner? misbehaving. president? “bullshit.” album art?  down to the wire. academic progress? “unsatisfactory.” Kojak Season 2 on dvd? Not yet. rehearsal space? unavailable. drive to-from portland tomorrow, probably for ritualistic purposes at best? damn right. renewed sinus pressure from the suture removal? you know it. needy parents? needy everything, even my windshield wipers called me “princess” earlier this afternoon. needy me? buy the album.

speaking of annoyances, join us Saturday at Sam Bond’s and Cd World for a handful of hot-wing-core!

3 Responses to “thanks for eugene, mr. james”

  1. Kyle Says:

    I’m getting that interview tattooed on my back this weekend.

    Amazing cover art, btw.

  2. andrew Says:

    yeah- that is awesome!

  3. nuge Says:

    Yea dogger,

    I cannot wait to see you in a couple months. A trip to Oregon is mos def in the mix for fall/winter. Thinking bout NYC soon as well, talked to Frank the other night. He’s diggin it. Sounds like his gig is treating him right, and by that I mean one of his friends at work is a free jazz connoisseur from what I can tell.


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