embarassing press rules

tomorrow there may be a blurb or no blurb about my record somewhere. regardless, i never thought anybody would write about my band in the paper or on interweb. my daydreams of indie rockery were pretty much reached by the time congratulations played with firebird, let alone when the squids opened for Dinosaur.

that being said, it’s easy to find joy in even the most derogatory reviews. but best of all are the ones that are just incoherent, like this ink19 take on the falcon (punctuational weirdness is all theirs):

  • �Picking Up Sticks in �96� has a more traditional country feel, with lead singer Patrick Hayden taking a vocal tip from Mick Jagger, just to spice things up.

(EDITOR’S note: actually, it was mashed potato who suggested “spicing things” up. as for the song’s traditional country feel…? )

  • �Squadron� opens up the album with a furious pace reminiscent of The Hives’ early work � until halfway through the song, when they abruptly slow it down to a radio pop beat, which seems unnecessary.

(EDITOR’S note: again, this was all mashed potato’s idea. I wanted to keep punk rocking on through, like the Hives do on all those albums of theirs that I am physically obsessed with – but mashed potato wouldn’t have it. “Radio-Pop, Radio-Pop!” he screamed, but I could also hear the sun set on my major label, pop-punk dreams. Yes, the setting sun makes sounds.)


4 Responses to “embarassing press rules”

  1. m. potato Says:

    i’m afraid your memory of this era is better than mine, dear friend.

    those heady falcon years were drenched in absinthe, clouded by dreams of robin leach style fame and fortune, scarf chairs, swimming with dolphins, awkward run-ins with aspiring anthropologists who could drink me under the table, and thursday night “concerts” at the local cigar-bar…

    incidentally, when does our “behind the music” episode air on VH-1? i’m still waiting…

  2. nuge Says:

    How do I get a copy?

  3. uncle Says:

    I have to admit that I’ve also always caught a Mick Jagger twinge in your voice as well. Didn’t think that it spiced anything up, just thought was how you sang. Now that I know you were doing it on purpose, I think I am a little disappointed in you.

  4. lexdexter Says:

    uh, you know that i do appreciate the mick jagger references.. but believe me, nothing intentional about it.

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