out in the bist, out in the post-anti-anti-post-feminist weeds

on the one hand, here’s a compelling glimpse into the post-traumatic political identity of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

on the other, I’m not sure I don’t want to part ways, uncharacteristically,  with the vaunted
and inspiring Barbara Ehrenreich, who goes mebbe too far in rightly denouncing Clintons’ sub-rosa race-baiting, hawkish gesturing, etc.

the only thing less interesting that reading along as a dude acknowledges, alludes to and internalizes feminists’ thinking is reading along as he disqualifies himself for being a dude. that said, being a dude certainly isn’t a good reason for me to proactively weigh in on ‘crap/not crap: Hillary.’

i’d merely say that she has waged an at-times brilliant campaign, that nobody besides Barack Obama could have beaten her, and that he could take a lesson from her when it comes to evoking the welfare state and specific public services amidst all of his “let’s rise above this” abstraction.

strategically, remembering only Hillary’s hardball tactics, and not her unprecedented resilience and increasingly savvy stumping, will not help as we go about building the coalition necessary to win.


3 Responses to “out in the bist, out in the post-anti-anti-post-feminist weeds”

  1. JGW Says:

    I’ve been visiting this joint for a little while now, Pat, partly just to make ship-sure that it’s you. I’m won now. It’s you.

    How quietly or loudly does one say “Hey, man” after almost ten years?

    Hey, man.

  2. Dave3544 Says:

    so was that a ‘not crap’?

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