coffee round the horn with jattypo

  • who the hell would possibly buy an album of tom waits covers by a movie star? who the hell listens to tom waits albums, these days? too many people, if you ask me. a bunch of ersatz tom waits posturing from ex-punks in old time-y hats is about as engaging as a head cold. but maybe i’m just bitter becuz waits auditioned and apparently passed over a friend of mine recently.
  • seriously, though. brecht? i mean, sure… but really, this isn’t a brecht moment we need to be having. we need to be having a godard moment, which is why it’s so effing ahhhhsum that they are re-releasing La Chinoise.
  • Dean Baker’s “Beat the Press” blog over at the American Prospect should rightly be called “Examples of Why Patrick Has Ceased Reading the New York Times”? Or the Washington Post, as the case may be….

Failing to Meet a Pension Obligation Isn’t “Like” Breaking a Contractual Promise, It is Breaking a Contractual Promise

The Washington Post has an extraordinarily cavalier attitude toward commitments to workers. Today it has an article in which it reports on the status of public pension funds. At one point it quotes a researcher at the Pew Center on the States as saying that defaulting on the pension funds would make public officials feel “like you are breaking a contractual promise.”

Defaulting on pension obligations to workers certainly should make public officials feel like they are breaking contractual obligations, because that is exactly what they would be doing. These workers worked for their pay and their pensions.

While the Post implies that meeting these obligations is a matter of choice for public officials, (earlier the article asserts that fund managers will “have to choose whether to continue paying out or renege on benefits promised to retirees”) in reality, they have little choice except declaring bankruptcy. If governments do not meet their legal obligations to retired workers, then the workers will be able to go to court and seize public assets such as the city halls, police and fire stations and school. They will be able to sell off this property to collect the benefits owed them by the governments.

  • somebody got raenie the new thalia zedek cd for her birthoversary day: it sounds like Come. but it also reminds me, here’s something i’ve been meaning to say: Damn it, i think that violin can be at least as disasterous for guitar-based music as saxophonones. It gestures towards the genre universe where “baroque” and “romantic” have surpassed “filthy” and “ethereal”* as the going conceits.
  • Madness in Bolivia, see a report from NewLeftReview luminary Forest Hylton here. I will forego opining, inviting Lupine Dave instead to assume the mantle of Pundit Prince. I am interested to hear if Price’s defense of the market-based liberal democracy in Latin America extends beyond Chavez and his purported personality cult, over to Evo Morales and the Bolivian Movement Towards Socialism. Your ball, Pricelass.
  • happy anniversary, boithday, Mother’s day to the woman i love.

9 Responses to “coffee round the horn with jattypo”

  1. wobs Says:

    Scarlett Johansson can do anything she wants, so long as her dreamy lips pout and she continues to offer tantalizing glimpses of her pillowy-soft breasts. That is all.

  2. nuge Says:


    Char & I looked f’d up in that pic. Grilled food for Axe, Penelope, Hankla, and Cheryl last night. Mmmm, buttery bourbon shrimp!!!!

  3. david Says:

    how is big axe these days? haven’t heard a peep out of him in forever. as for bolivia, i don’t know. maybe i’ll read up a little and post, maybe not.

  4. nuge Says:

    Axe is doing great. Still in the San Juans mentioned possibly moving to the fnt. range. I’m glad he didn’t move to South Africa with his ladyfriend like he was talking about last time I caught up with him.

  5. lexdexter Says:

    bourbon shirmp, jesus. we’re all grown up now.

  6. nuge Says:

    So grown up that I passed out on the couch after cooking for a couple of hours. Scary.

  7. minxo Says:

    I was listening to Tom Waits recently. Still good, in my opinion. But I don’t like anyone else from the genre he helped (unwittingly, perhaps) create. I also don’t like Nick Cave. But, I do like the Pogues, I realized not too long ago.

    Nick: carrying the torch.

  8. lexdexter Says:

    yah, i don’t mean to be putting down tom waits. i’m sick of the grotestquerie of his “influence, tho. i’m not sure i like the Pogues, and i know i don’t like Nick Cave (except the Birthday Party, which is Funhouse-style punk awesomeness.)

    nick, passing out on your own couch rather than a stranger’s is itself a sign of maturity. did i mention i have el hangover?

  9. Bestuv 2008, pt. 1: Haven’t Heards, Haven’t Heard Enoughs, General Trends « The PrisonShip Says:

    […] believe me when I tell you even Thalia’s ostensibly non-”rock” albs rock, tho as I’ve said I struggle with the damned […]

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