campaigns come to crescendoes, just like life

this weekend is the world series after all of the campaigning. here comes.

Having worked on this campaign for a long time, sometimes the world reminds me of Capital, in which Individuals are dealt with only in so far as they are the personifications of economic categories, embodiments of particular class-relations and class-interests (Marx, 1867).  It’s a really necessary way of being able to see the world, but it is an unsustainable subject-position for any one individual to maintain permanently.

Rather than renouncing all the theory I’ve chased after in school, I’d say that my experience campaigning has vindicated my faith in the idea that critical social science practices can be put to the service of fucking shit up.

But let me say this. I’m ready for some of that ivory tower action, when the dust settles. I need a bleeping pitstop, little nerd-car that I am. I need some letters next to my name like a teen needs a charm bracelet.

That’ll have to do by way of a life update right now.  Huge weekend for my family.


One Response to “campaigns come to crescendoes, just like life”

  1. minx Says:

    You also need a c-clamp to go crashing to the floor in some dimly lit car repair shop.

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