excerpts from an internal memo written by the powerful-est Clinton partisan I have access to.

Hillary no longer has any realistic chances of winning and if she does not bow out gracefully within the next couple of weeks I fear her image as a fighter will be transformed to that of a selfish nut case.  It is one thing to fight but it is another to fight in a way that will embarrass yourself and potentially damage your party.

By the way of post mortem the following are the factors which I believe dictated the outcome:

  • 1.    Change – the country is ready to shake up the establishment and there is no way she could campaign as a candidate of change;
  • 2.    Her position on the war in Iraq and her stubborn refusal to admit it was a mistake – it is bad enough that she was wrong on authorizing Bush to embark upon the war, her refusal to admit that she made a mistake barred her from making any inroads with the progressives;
  • 3.    The campaign’s inability to see that Bill Clinton’s comments in South Carolina were perceived as racist – I know that there is not a racist bone in Bill Clinton’s body, but the adamant refusal of the campaign to understand that taken out of context and being negatively commented on by the cable pundits made Clinton’s comments appear to be racist and then the perception became the reality;
  • 4.    The comments on sniper fire in Bosnia – this was a stupid example of exaggerating which reinforced the perception that she was untrustworthy and it came during a relatively dead news cycle which caused it to be blown way out of proportion;
  • 5. Her proposal on the gas tax holiday – this gimmick which was apparently repudiated by one of her own staff members received an undeserved amount of attention from the economists and the cable TV pundits and took the attention away from Obama’s personal issues, as well as suggesting that Hillary would say anything to get elected.  This proposal was more clever than smart and like most clever proposals it can not endure in the long run.  This proposal did not endure in the short run.

Senator Clinton is a great lady who became a more effective campaigner and more human as the campaign continued, and to my mind is the most qualified to be the President of the United States right now.  However, the nomination does not go to the most qualified candidate, but rather to the candidate who has run the best campaign.  She did not run the best campaign and has lost.


3 Responses to “Redacted”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    This is a side topic at best:

    I have joined in the chorus calling for newspapers and the media in general to stop using pictures of Hillary making funny faces. (This one seems to tell more of a story than “Hillary is a joke” so I am letting it pass). But I gotta ask, why is Hillary always making with the funny faces? Is she always that shocked about everything on a regular basis? Just asking.

    I would add to the memo that a significant portion of the party had a negative impression of Hillary going into the election and her attitude that she was “owed” the nomination didn’t help.

  2. pattyjoe Says:

    i am interested which other public intellectuals besides yourself have been holding forth about hillary pictures. i’ll say this: whenever i post a candid shot of HRC, i think about your previously-voiced criticism.

    personally, i think Obama looks pretty weird in that photo, too. and i linked to an anti-BHO article, too! did you read the Reed? it’s great. he was gordon’s advisor at Yale.

    also, have we heard anything from EZ since last night’s dramatic events? i’m excited to have him on our side again.

  3. m. potato Says:

    I would be willing to wager that there are just as many photos of Obama making strange faces. We all make them. The news agencies sell papers by printing these absurd snap-shots of Hillary. The public at large is in the habit of wanting to watch as the powerful fall, and this is just one of the tactics that is being used to take away the authority that she has worked so hard get. Mind you, she hasn’t really helped in the campaign to keep her somewhat noble reputation in tact during this election year…

    A hearty fuck-you goes out to Rush Limbaugh!

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